Mountain Restaurant Bühlberg

Bühlberg Mountain provides a stylish, modern and chic yet original and down-to-earth restaurant. On “Lenk’s most beautiful sun terrace” situated 1,664 meters above sea level, hikers and walkers, cyclists and mountain bikers, skiers and snowboarders alike get to enjoy culinary delights. And of course, this also goes for all children who love to play on the huge playground directly in front of the door.

Both in summer and in winter, the restaurant serves authentic Swiss dishes with a modern touch, the best cheese and milk directly from the mountain pastures. And of course, the classics of a mountain restaurant are also served as those who tackle the one to one and a half hour tour often fancy a good portion of Rösti potatoes.

But it’s not just sporty people who are happy that the Lenkerhof runs the Bühlberg restaurant, as many roads lead up the mountain: a large car park and a regular bus shuttle also enable parents or grandparents with young children in buggies, people in wheelchairs or those who are simply not up to the strenuous tour up the mountain to get there easily. And the view of the Wildstrubel, Wildhorn and the Plaine Morte Mountains is simply breathtaking.

Here you can take a look at our menu.

Guests with gourmet package

There is even more to it than that: high up in the clear mountain air where the colours blaze intensely during the day and the silence is unique at night, the culinary delights taste that little bit more intense. Those who stay at the Lenkerhof, have booked the gourmet package for the entire stay and want to exchange the Spettacolo or the Oh de vie with the atmosphere in the mountain restaurant for a night can enjoy the culinary delights with a 3-course menu in this wonderful mountain panorama.