Outdoor sulphur pool and indoor pool

Immerse yourself in the waters of the outdoor sulphur
pool with origins dating back almost 350 years.
Hydro massage jets gently massage your back in the 34°C
sulphur water. Bathing in this water is very good for the skin
and helps to alleviate skin conditions, rheumatism and
joint pain. It also stimulates the metabolism and this helps
the body to detoxify. But maybe you just want to enjoy
the wonderful view and the bathing experience.

The indoor pool is ideal for swimming your energizing laps.
At 28°C this pool has the ideal temperature for you
to achieve your sporting goals. We recommend
water aerobics to stimulate the circulation and
strengthen the muscles whilst relieving pressure
on the back and joints. The resistance of the water
increases your strength and stamina whilst taking
pressure off the spine.

Daily from 07.30 am open for hotel guests.