Art in the hotel

Throughout the hotel you will find choice works by various artists as an integral part of the overall concept. There is a permanent exhibition of works by Jürg Opprecht (proprietor of the Lenkerhof) and alternating works both by well-known and lesser known Swiss artists. There is always something new to discover and provide you with fresh inspiration.

Art for the support of disadvantaged people

Jürg Opprecht: Nature and art are closely connected, even when they seem to contrast with each other. Journeys to all corners of the globe have inspired his art. In Cuba, Kenya, Alaska or Benin, he discovers many objects which had fallen into oblivion and have now found their resting place within his artworks.
Objects made of iron and ceramic

Barbara Fischer: Since 1990 she has been exhibiting her artworks made from iron and ceramics at the most varied locations. As well as her artistic activities, Barbara Fischer also gives individual ceramic courses.