Our environmental policy


• We are committed to raising environmental awareness in our company and among our staff.
• With the introduction of the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, we are responsible for fully implementing, living and continuously improving this system. It means that we measure and evaluate the effects of our environmental measures and then communicate the results to our staff.
• When planning measures, we also consider whether they are reasonable from an ecological point of view.
• In accordance with the Redbox concept, we acknowledge good ideas and suggestions for improvement brought forward by our employees with regard to the environmentally friendly use of resources.
• We keep up to date about developments and trends in our business field in order to enhance our contribution to the ecological use of resources.
• We make sure that the high quality of the services we provide to our guests is not affected by the Environmental Management System.


• We take care of our environment by reducing energy and water consumption, by producing less waste and by using environmentally friendly and renewable materials.
• We live the Environmental Management System and make suggestions about how we can further improve our environmental balance.
• We are well informed about the Environmental Management System and the ecological measures implemented at the Lenkerhof hotel and we can answer questions about these measures competently.


• We raise awareness of environmental issues among our guests through our means of communication (e.g. guest questionnaires, website, brochures).
• We do, however, not actively ask our guests to change their habits.
• We leave it up to our guests to decide how often and when they want to have their towels changed.


• We raise awareness among our suppliers when it comes to the ecological use of resources and clearly communicate our expectations regarding active support and assistance in the field of environmental protection.
• When planning new acquisitions, we take environmental aspects into account and ask an independent expert for advice on future-oriented technologies.


• We communicate to the public in an unobtrusive manner how we contribute to improving environmental rotection by showing what we have done so far. Moreover, we use the logos provided by our franchise partners on our website and in our communication with clients wherever suitable.

Tripadviser ECO Label

Certificate - Energy Agency - Swiss private Sector